ready to “jump on land”

Published 01.11 in category Patagonia northern icecap 2015

We have been in the shadows for the last days and just sending short messages, but we are back on now!

A lot of snow falling the last 3 days. All the way down to 500m above sea level, but finally great weather going down the last step, where we spent one whole day to lower the pulkas on to a “nunatak”.

Today we went on ice and are ready to “jump on land” for good.

It’s almost frightening to see how much the glacier have melted in only one year. On places we last year had to use rope to get down, we easily stepped down like in a stairway with our pulkas behind us…

Weather is mixed, sprinkling, foggy and sunny all within every hour of the day !

Happy campers!

– Lazy morning expedition



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