Report Antarctic peninsula. day 1

Published 04.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

AP – Report Day 1

We are on Icebird, the ship with whom we recently crossed the Drake passage.

Captain Cath and crew Alex went on watch during the last part of the night so we could rest some hours before the start of the expedition. It wasn’t possible to stay at the anchor as too many icebergs are travelling around and getting too close to the ship. Penguins are laughing at us. So we drifted, and thanks to Cath and Alex, we slept.

The weather is blue bird this morning as this will be our last breakfast aboard Icebird. Few hours later, the gear is all ready and the donkey show starts. Tight harness, poles in hands and heads up, we climb a pretty steep slope. Steep? Yes since we have our sleds on the back. Going in one go with two sleds each would be too heavy, one at a time is enough.

We spend the whole day going back and forth. It’s good to have the help of mountaineers Ralf and Nancy who will be with us until we reach the plateau. The scenery is fabulous. We have around us beautiful snowy peaks and the cove below is filled up with icebergs. Wow!!!

We call it a day early on top of a dome. Let’s not push it too hard. We enjoy having extra time and re-adapt to the expedition routine…

From the warmth of our sleeping bags, we look outside to the ocean where floating ice is dancing its best ballet .

Cheers guys!


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