Report Antarctic peninsula, day 22

Published 25.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Shovel, again and again…

Uff! It blows about 25-27m/s this morning. The place is wild and beautiful. We feel vulnerable when the gods disagree and send us high winds over the icecap. We are so close to the end but still so far.
Can we call it a rest day when we have to go out several times per day and shovel the drifting snow away from the tent? No.
Except for the toilet experience (I would rather be sitting on a high end seat reading the New York Times), being in the tent in stormy weather is actually very nice. It’s only few millimeters of fabric between the warmth of the sleeping bags inside and the screaming gale outside.
Adventure isn’t over. Let’s not sell the fine bubbles of Champagne before having the glass in our hands ;-).

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