Report Antarctica peninsula, day 10

Published 13.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Powder work!
It’s 0915. We are ready. 15min ahead of schedule. We are becoming better everyday with our routine!
The visibility is poor on the Detroit plateau but from time to time we get to see some sceneries.
Around noon, it becomes magical! “Are they clouds or sea ice?” From where we are we distinguish some blacks lines further down on the Nordensjkold coast. “Hey, it’s sea ice and the black pattern is ocean!”. The visibility is better and we can now see it clearly. Sea ice!
The rest of the day, we carry on. The leading spot is demanding as the leader sinks into the snow. Making a track today takes all its meaning. Either Phil or myself are in the front seat. We take turns and do 1h15 legs with 15min break. It works good!
We are now 10km from the Cat Walk. Hope the weather allows us to commit there the day after tomorrow…Fingers crossed!
Luc and Bronwyn propose for tomorrow a social evening. Girls in one tent and boys in the other. Looks like we are gonna talk sh*** about each other. Ahahahah!



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