Report Antarctica peninsula, day 11

Published 14.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019
Day 11. Day off.
The wind is blowing a bit, it’s all white and we can’t see. After a phone call with our “weather wizard” Lars back in Norway, the forecast looks like Wednesday would potentially be a clear day. Since we are 10km from the Cat Walk and plan is to tackle that passage with good visibility, we wait here and will positionnate ourselves on top of the Cat Walk tomorrow. “Let’s enjoy the day, chilling in the sac and doing some repairs.” The time flies…
And what about if we were talking about girl power? Here they are…
Bronwyn. Together with Luc, she is partnering and supporting him through the Antarctic peninsula crossing project. After pulling some tires on the beach of Western Australia, she is now on the skies always near by the front seat and it’s great to see all the progress she did since last time we were together in Spitsbergen last April.
Caroline. From being an ultra trail runner to an explorer and a filmmaker, she ticks some many boxes. One thing I realized. I will never go running with her ;-). Her endurance is next level. And she is able to take the camera out at any moment.
Maria. This is my 4th trip with Maria. If one day I were to stop guiding… I will still go with her! Her energy is contagious and it’s very inspiring to see how tough she is. “Hey bad ass Maria!!”
What a great team of inspiring women! I always wonder what the world would look like if we were to have more women taking decisions for the future of our planet… I guess way better 😉

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