Report Antarctica peninsula, day 12

Published 15.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Is Cat Walk next door? Oh yeah!

0630, the alarm rings. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard this train with destination Cat Walk, local time is 0630, we wish you a pleasant breakfast and a good day!” “Mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue dans ce train à destination du Cat Walk, il est 0630 du matin heure local, nous vous souhaitons un bon petit déjeuner ainsi qu’une agréable journée” Here are the announcements I do in order to wake up the team in a good mood. Hope it works!
The morning is beautiful. The mist on the horizon travels over the domes of the icecap. The visibility is good on our first leg and we can see the Herbert plateau on the other side. We have 8,8km to do until next camp, above the famous Cat Walk. The white out is on its way and soon we loose all landscape references. We still manage to reach camp pretty early though. The Cat Walk is right below us. We set camp…
Dear “weather wizard” Lars back in Norway, please send us some good visibility, and if you have some extra power, sunshine would be greatly appreciated!
1819, the stove is firing. Soon, the roast lamb and vegetables will be served. Bon appétit!






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