Report Antarctica peninsula, day 16

Published 19.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Through “The Waist” passage, but white day.

Everyone last night felt tired. By nine, the tent village was totally quiet. Glad we got some good rest as today was energy demanding.
We wake up in the whiteout. By 0930, we are on the skies. Few pockets of blue sky are above our heads during the first leg until the white out gets thicker and the visibility disappears. The day stays white. For nearly 12km, we ski uphill. Phil and I help each other with navigation as we take turns leading the team. “10 degrees right! Spot on! 5 left” and so on… To me, navigating in the white out is more tiring than skiing. It takes a lot of energy and concentration.
After the effort, we all enjoy the warmth of the tent and the rumbling sound of the stove. It’s 1934, lamb fettuccine and other spaghetti bolognaise are cooked. Yummy!
The good news is… we went through a narrow passage called “The Waist” (shame we did not see but we can’t have it all). Also! We are getting closer to the Reclus peninsula, guys!!

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