Report Antarctica peninsula, day 18

Published 21.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

White, wind but igloo!

The morning is blue bird. We even start skiing summer dressed. In the back of us lies a wide progressing cloud. Step by step it recovers the hills of the icecap. « It’s cominnngggg! », « it will be jacket weather in 10 min »…« It’s cominnngggg! ». It does. 1005, we are now in the white out. An hour later, we call it a day. We are at the entrance of the Reclus Peninsula. We rather camp here and avoid the potential strong winds coming up the glacial valleys down below. Tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look very good. It might be a day in the tent on stand by drinking tea.
Oh yeah I forgot! Since we had plenty of time today, we built an igloo-ish 😉 during the afternoon. Good fun!
Talk tomorrow


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