Report Antarctica peninsula, day 19

Published 22.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

What an idiot. By the end of the day yesterday inside the Igloo, Caroline goes: «your eyes are red Vince ». Suddenly I realized that I had been playing like a five year old kid building the Igloo without eye protection. My eyes are very sensitive and I usually feel the sun rays as soon as I take off my sun glasses. I didn’t feel it coming since the day was white and the cloud thick. Did I get too excited about building the Igloo? Probably since I left my goggles on top of my head…

This morning the wind blows and our three tent village is partially covered with snow. No need to establish communication between tents to know that today is a day off. 09:30 we wake up after a good night’s long rest. My eyes feel Ok but I am not aware of what is waiting at the end of this day. Instead of eating porridge, my diet changed to medicine, pills and darkness. The five year old kid starts to realize… How far will it go? I am still wondering….Maria, from being a “bad arse” explorer is now nursing me through the day. Dr Luc alias “Wally H”, fortunately brought a wide range of medication. I feel well surrounded. The rest of the team is doing great and ready to traverse The Reclus Peninsula as soon as the next weather opportunity presents itself.

The five year old snow blind kid, supposedly one of the two leaders of the expedition is wishing you a good night. What an idiot!



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