Report Antarctica peninsula, day 4

Published 07.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Last “holi-days”?
The weather is still stable here on the peninsula. We enjoy a beautiful day skiing on the Breguet glacier and get our routine more efficient.
By the end of the day we progressively enters in a new world as we approach the Forbidden plateau. There is a ramp we need to tackle tomorrow. It looks steep! That ramp is the connexion point between the Breguet glacier and the plateau. The plateau seems wild! There isn’t any obstacles for the wind up there. Camping at the base of the ramp, we feel that the atmosphere is already different. The angels and the demons might even live here. So far, we are still on the good side with the angels.
Next mission? Going up that ramp. So plenty of donkey show work going back and forth pulling our heavy sleds… At least we don’t need to go to the gym for the work out ;-).




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