Report Antarctica peninsula, day 3

Published 06.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

Wait, wait, wait… Go! And stop.
0630, the alarm beeps. Outside, it’s white. We are on the edge of a crevasse field. Do we really want to tackle this area without being able to see the cracks? No. Phil, the other guide, is cautious. It feels good to be on the same page when it comes to safety. So we wait… and wait some more. All of us are visiting each other’s tent.
Who is with who? Sea and Ice team Luc and Bronwyn together, then Phil and Caroline, Ralf and Nancy – the climbers on their “honeymoon” – and then the Ousland Explorers team with Maria and myself (best team ever!! Ahahahah). The zip of the tent goes down, Caroline, the expedition filmmaker, comes in our tent with a big pot of coffee. Yummy!!
1615, “Let’s pack the tent and go” says Phil. It’s now definitely clearing up. I am glad we waited as I don’t want to take any chances. Nature is powerful and we should be patient. Fortunately, it is now nearly blue bird. We don’t ski long in order not to break our daily schedule. The good thing is that we passed the crevasse field and are camping at nearly 700m on the pristine Breguet glacier. What a place!
Lesson of the day. Better not safe than sorry. Oups! The other way around. Better safe than sorry. Always.






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