Report Antarctica peninsula, day 5

Published 08.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019
Stand by, plans and coffee.
Dring, dring, dring… the clock rings. It’s 0630am. It’s all white outside though. So we stay in stand by. 1, 2, 3 hours, it’s still white. Still stand by. We won’t commit to the ramp without visibility.
Last night Phil, Caroline and myself have been discussing the potential exit route on the Reclus peninsula. If we commit to go there, it will become our only exit option as we wouldn’t be able to ski back to the Breguet glacier. That peninsula looks too alpine and might put us in a dangerous situation. After some back and forth discussion, the math becomes clearer and clearer. The plan could be to go all the way to the Cat Walk, which is half way on the plateau and then back to the same entrance point on Breguet. In that case, we would even be able to navigate our way down in poor weather.
11am, it’s still white but we all have a meeting in the tent. Busy tent! 8 people. We talk future plans, team, schedule and!! Reclus Peninsula. Décision taken. We agree that going to the Cat Walk is a great goal and heading back to the Breguet is a way safer exit option. I think it is a shared opinion from mountain climbers Ralf and Nancy. If something goes wrong in this part of the world, we will have to deal with rescue on our own. A very important point to consider.
In the beginning of the afternoon, the weather clears up. “What about packing our sleds, leaving the tent up for the moment and if weather improves, we go? Yeah, sounds good!” “It’s becoming clearer!” “Oh no! It’s white again” Ahahahah. Instead of a complete day off, we decide to do an avalanche transceiver course. And the day goes on and we have some good time! What a day!
1849, honey soy chicken and cottage pie will soon be served…Cheers


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