Report Antarctica peninsula, day 8

Published 11.01 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

White out? Who cares we are on the plateau ;-).
The really good thing about being on the plateau is that we can navigate even though the visibility is poor.
After a tough day yesterday going up the ramp, we allow us one more hour of sleep. Oh yeah I forgot… also because we had a little party yesterday with chocolate, whiskey and cigars. Ahahahah next level expedition!!
The wind is blowing. For the first time, we have to have our knees in the ground to keep control of the tent. It’s 1045am, off we go.
When I think about this place, we are skiing at 2000 meters on this big white surrounded by one of the wildest ocean on earth. Incredible!
The team is doing good. We progress for more than 10km. Not a big number but it’s uphill most of the time and yesterday flattened us.
1745, “let’s call it a day guys!” It’s really a polar environment and we get ice sticking to our face masks.
Dear Mother Nature, please be kind with us on that high plateau…
Sweet dreams!



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