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Published 28.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013
Three days after Christmas: Peaceful day at the South Pole, waiting to see if our flight to Union Glacier camp was on. It looks now that we will have the go ahead and take off in the evening, Norwegian time.
Yesterday was the last day of the long ski trip, where we did 4 sessions only, for a total of 12 Km kilometers in twenty-zero temperatures and brilliant sunshine. I went with the Norwegian flag in my hand the last kilometer and screamed loudly when we finally arrived – a magical feeling to finally be there!
Here in the photo is the whole itinerary from 89 to 90 latitude (coordinate of December 21 is slightly inaccurate).
final itinerary

After “målgong” and the private victory ceremony, we toured the U.S. Amundsen-Scott base, and then had dinner and cake in our big tent.

So our passports have  been “South Pole stamped!” and I can confirm to you now that it is flat here, and that there is no danger that we will fall out into outer space : – )

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