Roping up

Published 12.11 in category Patagonia 2011


Playtime! / Det var en morsom dag!

Saturday morning: It was bliss to be in snow and ice! They enjoyed a good days work, and are now well onto the Glacier. The path in was pretty crevassed and wild, so they were roped up the whole day.

But the best part was to have the bulk of the luggage in sledges and not in heavy backpacks They feel fresher already!

As the day wore on some clouds gathered and by camp time the wind had picked up. That persisted through the night. The irregular gusts were accompanied by enormous thunder from the nearby icefall calving’. Interesting.

But, this Nature’s Orchestra did not disturb their sleep. Today they hope for good progress so that they get well towards the middle of the Glacier were it is easier to get distances.

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