Published 24.03 in category In Shackleton's footsteps - South Georgia 2013

Route planningNot much that reminds us of Easter on this ship. We are still cruising along with good speed and reasonably good weather. Now with ”sea-legs” and it is strange how quick we adapt to the new surroundings. It feels like we have been here for an eternity already.

Easy day for us, since we already have finished packing, but in between great lectures about wildlife, weather and the history of South Georgia, there are always some details that needs attention.

Today we have done a bit more route planning (ref. picture), putting waypoints into our GPS and looked at maps. We have also vacuum cleaned all our pockets, booths and backpacks. This is to avoid foreign seeds to establish themselves on the island.

Beautiful clear sky last night where we could see the Southern Cross, a very different sky all together. Most of these stars can only be seen on the southern hemisphere.
We are still ahead of schedule and it still looks like we will be able to be dropped of in King Haakon Bay tomorrow afternoon.

Stay with us…

Borge & co

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