Searching for rocks

Published 06.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

Today is the 5th of July and Day 66. Our current position is N80˚37’, E55˚44’. It’s been…

We’ll try again. Poor conditions up here …on Champ Island. Not much out of the ordinary has happened. This morning we crossed a headland and came down onto the fjord ice …search for stones…

I’ll try one more time. Thomas and I are camped under a mountain, and coverage is obviously not too good; we keep losing the connection with Iridium’s satellite. We’re still on Champ Island, and the two of us are searching for some mystic rock formations that are supposed to be the result of a very rare geologic phenomenon. They must be right nearby, but we can’t… We are going to try to get their exact position from the Russians that were here last. I reckon they must be right up the street here, just that we can’t see them…

Not much out of the ordinary has happened today, really. It’s just been an average day. We’ve walked quite a distance along Champ Island, on rather strange ice floes, covered by great big dams that are four to eight inches deep. That’s no fun skiing through – so we’ve been forced to follow a zigzag course most of the day. …have been …wasn’t more than three or four metres across. That meant faster progress and we were better able to stay the course.

There is a solution to almost every problem. If you have proper equipment and a clear head, things will usually go fine. Anyways, that was our expedition report on last night’s leg.

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