Published 04.11 in category Patagonia 2012

Day 6 & 7: Friday and Saturday turned out a bit more eventful than hoped. First the wind picked up, and so much so that several cords tore. They had to pull the camp down and into the shelter of the forest. But before this happened Bill took a severe tumble in the windy and slippery conditions and hurt his back. He could still walk, but during the night he started to feel pain going down his leg. During Saturday they did several tests to see if he could continue, but late in the day he threw in the towel.
The plan is now for our man Thomas to drive down from Cayaique during the night. Hopefully the wind has died down somewhat so that he can get over the lake. There he has do a deal with the horsemen and gather the horses running around – and ride up and get him.
We are not quite sure quite when they will be up in the camp – as this is Patagonia… Bengt & Co still have plenty food, and even though they end up being a some days after the plan the weather for the next days is very high winds and they might have lost the days anyway. If they get a break in the weather the crossing is still on track as this is a very strong group.
Stay tuned!

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