Shipping out and starting to move!

Published 22.08 in category Greenland Fall crossing Team Wen Xu / Bård
Hereby we open the blog of our expedition from east to west over the Greenland icecap. Yesterday we were shipped out from Tasiilaq by a very able skipper called Salo. We had a pleasant journey by the coast south towards Isortoq. We were dropped off in the bay close to town  and spent the evening carrying our equipment up from the seaside on to the Ice. We spent the night in the Isortoq cabin.

This morning we had a late start and by 12:00 we set off on the ice. Not to set foot on land until maybe September 15th… 6 legs of 45 minutes gave us about 8 km progress through sometimes very bumpy terrain, and now we have our first night in the tent getting ready for a new day tomorrow.

Cheers from Bård Helge and the team!

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