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Published 07.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013

It isn’t only skiers that crosses the Icecap. Today we saw two birds on their crossing in search for warmer weather. The winter is definitely on the doorstep, but the temperature is still warm.
Today we started 7 O´clock on skies. we had sun the first 20 minutes, then we got overcast and soon a total whiteout. We had whiteout for the whole day, but skiing conditions was great. We did 29,6 kilometers in total, and are now almost on 2500 meters above sea level. When tomorrow is finished we hope the decent have started.
Saludos, Bengt
Are says hello to Ida Marie and Oline – I love you and look forward to see you.

(yesterday) – Great day! We had whiteout like yesterday, until leg 8, then the whole sky opened up in less than 15 minutes. What an amazing moment. We had sun for one leg, an then it closed again…  But we are happy with the day 30 kilometers and has started descending!
Short today, have som minor problems with comunication and need sleep.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position;

Lat66deg26’6″ Lon-44deg10’45” Alt +2433 m (31m33s ago) 07-Sep-2013 01:23:34 UTC

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