sticky snow session

Published 25.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

We started the day at 9am, the weather was still cloudy but we could see that conditions were slowly changing, and blue sky patches were popping up on the horizon.

Soon we had visibility, the sun was shinning, and as it got warmer the fresh snow which had accumulated the last days started to melt and stick to our skies… It was very difficult to move, especially at the front.

At lunch time, Sebastian decided to wax our skies to limit the snow sticking and slowing us down. We melted wax in the ski with one of the stoves. This worked pretty well and saved the day.

The afternoon was warm as well but overall we manage to do 19km.

And NO equipment failure! Touch Wood!

No Pain No Gain! All good, cheers, Oliver and the heart breakers

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