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Published 04.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013

Goggles and facemask are always a part of the equipment here on  Greenland. Sometimes they stay in the pulka for the whole trip. Now we are on the 10´th day with this as a part of the essential equipment. Every morning we start with a dry facemask and clear goggles. Every evening in tent they are all frozen up.

Today the wind has been even worse, and we are more or less used to it. but it has also been colder than earlyer. Yesterday gave some small frostblisters in exposed areas between gogles and facemasks. Noting seriouse, but a god reminder. Since we have faith in bether weather tomorrow we tok off one hour later today and with the heavy wind in our face we made today a litle shorter. we used the longer evening to selebreate the trip so far. We made pancakes, ate a great salted sausage from spain that Juan brought. After dinner Kine brought to the table a big bag of homade candys! It has been a great evening with lot of laughter and music from Sigves ipad. The Spanich lesson for the day was Blizzard, but i cant remember it right now so i´ll get back to you on that.
Saludos, Bengt

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