Stopping at Nothing…

Published 01.12 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOThursday morning / Day 5: The day started grey and soon it was thick, white-out. They could not see more than a few metres and as they were supposed to climb up the last steep ridge for the plateau, littered with crevasses, it was not a good feeling. Just before lunch it was to thick they could not feel if they were going up or down (in a steep uphill!!!) which is the kind of trick white-out do play on your senses. So, they camped out to be safe.

The skiing conditions were not bad, some loose snow, icy at some steep parts and some wind. – A bit later in the day, the three Musketeers could not be held back any more, and Jacob, Ottar and Trond pushed on to get to the plateau. After just 2km it flattened out but they continued another bit and left a 50kg load in a cash. Later in the day, the others also took a turn to hauled a load up over the brow.

All in all they should be all set for a good day today – it the weather opens a bit.

3 typer

Ottar and Silje all Smiley… and Trond a bit more icy…


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