Storm again!

Published 02.09 in category Greenland Fall 2013

As soon as the leg starts the skis starts moving, and the head moves from the ice to a different world. Very often back home to the daily life, to solve a problem or two. Or as Nicolay did today, back to their cabin in the mountain. Sitting close to the wood stove and a hot drink. watching outside where the storm passed by. Suddenly 60 minutes has gone and your back on the ice facing the storm here.

We started with no wind, in total whiteout and with 10cm of new snow. The pulkas digged down  and where heavy to pull. Navigating in the whiteout goes better and better. People are happy when their turn in front are coming, curious to se if there is any indicator to navigate on. Today it has been the snowflakes coming in from the right, at least the five first legs. In the middle of the day, the wind turned, and the storm came back, moving the snow so badly that we barely can se the whole line of people. The wind came straight into our faces, and our speed went down. In 9 hours of effective walking we only did 21 kilometers. We feel we did a god job today anyways, and finding our sleepingbags was great!
Now the wind has picked up even more, we hope it wil pack the snow hard!
Thanks to the “BRA” expedition for yesterdays greetings. Hope you enjoied the reunion.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position:

Lat66deg10’3″ Lon-41deg42’50” Alt +1545 m (0s ago) 02-Sep-2013 01:30:59 UTC


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