Storm… and more storm…

Published 01.09 in category Greenland Fall 2018

After yesterday’s storm calmed down somewhat we prepared ourselves for a next storm that’s even stronger, with wind speeds of 30 m/sec… We adjusted the position of our tents to the new forecasted wind direction and build massive snow walls for protection. In a few hours our camp looked like a fortress! The wind picked up during the day and reached full force around mid day and will continue throughout the night. Visibility is almost zero and even toilet breaks are somewhat of a challenge! We make the best of the down time by resting, making small repairs to equipment, chatting, and playing games. Everyone is super eager to get going as soon as the weather allows for it. We will probably be doing more legs per day in the coming days to compensate for the time we couldn’t move.

Olivier on behalf of the Team 😊

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