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Two legs was all that we did today. The weather was bad already when we started. We took down camp, and started the day, hoping that it wold at least be the same. but wind picked up.

Tonight there was a couple of serious gusts in the tent. And we are glad we didnt spend the night down in the icefall, it must have been a inferno down there. In the morning we had a steady hard wind from North Vest. we took off a little later than earlier. As we whent trough the first leg the wind picked up badly, and by the secound leg it was full storm so we desided to picth camp before it got worse. Wind slowly picked up until midday, and then it stopped and started to decrease.
We have spent most of the day in the tent, reading, telling stories and with a lot of laughter. The tents are standing perfectly and all is good. we have big hopes for being back on the trail tomorrow.
Yesterdays spanich lesson was bike: bicicleta.
Todays lesson is party: fiesta.
Saludos, Bengt


Lat65deg57’24” Lon-39deg33’21” Alt +1441 m (15s ago) 26-Aug-2013 20:10:28 UTC

Taped feets Resting in tent


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