stormy weather

Published 12.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018


And here are the reports from days before, before they were hit by the storm !!!


Day 8: Still beautiful weather. Routines while on the move are really good now. We are like a train that steadily moves towards DYE2. The terrain is flatting out, with some tiny hills here and there. We’re using the sun as the mail indication for navigating. Behind us we now and then can see another team, we think it’s two dog teams. In the second last leg a geese flew past us. We built our camp for a stormy night since we know there is weather coming in tonight.

Day 9: Aprox 04:00 the wind came in and at 0600 when we normally start our morning it was quite clear that today would be a tent day.

Wind has been stable right under 20 m/s with gusts way above. We have been outside only to do work on the camp.

All good! Cheers Bengt

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