Stuck again.

Published 29.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

Last night we had heavy snowfall. The speed went down drastically and whiteout gave us a challenge keeping a straight course. Then the snow Started to move!

We started the day one hour earlier. The new snow made the sleeds to dig down and hard to pull. with snow in the air and a complete overcast it was hard to navigate straight. At 1300 the wind suddenly picked up and made an inferno of snow on ground. so bad that we only had a wisibility bak to the next two persons in the line. we stopped and first put up one tent, waiting and hoping that it would get better. but after one hour we called it a day and staked camp. We did only 10 kilometers today, but hey, its bether than nothing. Todays spanich lesson is hot: caliente.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position:

Lat65deg59’18” Lon-4deg16’21” Alt +1564 m (3s ago) 28-Aug-2013 20:55:38 UTC

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