Stuff to see on the horizon!

Published 03.06 in category Greenland Spring 2017

Today we came down from 1430 masl to 1100 masl and put 35 km behind us. We have seen our first mountains in 3 three weeks, and are camping with a view to the ocean with sea ice and icebergs floating around…

Tomorrow we make our final push towards Isortoq, and after nearly 4 weeks on the move we look forward to sleep inside a house tomorrow…

Weather has been good today, with an incredibly thick fog so we had to go in two lines to see each other. We are getting to sleep now at 23:00 and start skiing again at 05:00.

25 km to go. Our last day on skis. Hopefully…

Cheers from the Lost P.E.N.G.U.I.N.s!

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