Summit day

Published 27.05 in category Greenland Spring 2017

Day started out with total without, during the day it cleared out and we got a beautiful rainbow halo around the sun.

The “summit” is a big plateau and the highest point on our journey. It’s nice to finally feel the pulka sliding a little down, though it’s still feels pretty flat…  

We almost forgot to introduce our last team member Bård Helge Strand: He is from Snåsa and 30 years old, head guide and our team leader. Educated in the Norwegian “friluftsliv” tradition and have been studying and working on Svalbard. He is also working in the Norwegian armed forces. He is a great guy and a really funny caracter, with movie quotes always fresh in memory! It has  been great to be his Greenland apprentice. He says like Ernst Shackleton; “Rather a live donkey than a dead lion”

All best from Sebastian and rest of the team!

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