Day 18, Summit day!

Published 20.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

Summit day!

We set off eagerly for the summit, and skied onward in wind and whiteness. The summit of the icecap does not have a fashionable beacon, you don’t really know you are there until you’ve been there and it starts going down again.

Approaching the summit the winds started to come at us from different directions, and this is one of the signs that the summit is near, or that it’s already there.

After we guessed we were at the summit point we pitched the tent for lunch, and had a cheerful afternoon, knowing we would call the east coast of Greenland home, come nightfall.

Team member of the day: Simon (AKA “Agent S”) We almost called our team “The Simon H. Experience”, while a big part of the trip had been figuring out the story of this mysterious man. He has shared some of his good adventures with us, and made us feel especially happy and grateful for our team telling us of unbelievably happenings of previous expeditions. Simon is the english gentleman which entertains us all with witty comments and dry humour of top notch British quality.

(Ps. Katie, we know you wanted a picture of Simon doing yoga on the ice, but it’s unfortunately too cold for Bikram up here…)

Cheers : )

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