sun is shining

Published 06.08 in category Kajak Svalbard 2014


Report from Ingebjorg and the kayak team.

Windy in the morning, and we thought we will have to struggle against it again. But then, as we were paddling, the sky opened up, the sun came out and the wind calmed down. After all a beautiful day.

We paddled along the glacier front all day long, in between seals and icebergs, which we even saw falling from the glacier.

Stopped for lunch on a small island and had pancakes and a really relaxed time!

So now the sun is still shining as we have dinner, and we hope it will be a beautiful night as well. This is the nicest experience that you can have here, a day like today.

We are all very, very happy, and even if we haven’t seen a polar bear yet we hope it will be tonight. We spoke with another guy here who told us that there’s two of them in the area so we need to keep our eyes open all the time!

Our position for the night: N78 40.284, E16 51.660

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