Sunny and nice weather, cold last night…

Published 21.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018

Sunny and nice weather, cold last night…

In total we did 30km, very happy about that.

As always we started the day with oatmeal porridge, Børge’s secrete recipe, 180gr that we mix with hot water. During the day we eat chocolate, nuts, cheese, freezedryed fruit, chips, noodles, salami and biscuits. In the night we have dinner in a lot of different tastes, made my Real Turmat.

Every night we have a meeting in the big tent so everyone knows the plan for tomorrow. Our plan tomorrow is skiing for 9 hours, divided into 8 legs with a 10 minute break in between. The mid day break is longer, and most times we even put up a tent as shelter.

All good here, cheers!


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