sunrise and sunset above san rafael glacier

Published 02.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2014

We woke up in the shadows, but hiked out to a high point above the glacier and had a fantastic sunrise to our morning coffee. The rest of the day has been sunny and beautiful and the evening we spent by a bon fire, with thousands of stars and the moon shining on the mountain behind us. Sigrid’s comment says everything: if somebody had made a painting of this it would have been too much.

We went up tovards the icecamp, and picked up our stuff that we left there two days ago. We used about 5 hours up and down to the camp again. After a long lunch we took the same stuff further down. We left it hafway up in the mountain and will probably be back there to pick it up in two days. Tomorrow we plan to bring the first load all the way down. Saludos from the Silverarrow expedition, which hopes to have a morning coffe above the glacier tomorrow as well.

🙂 Bengt


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