Sunshine everywhere

Published 23.11 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOWednesday: Finally the weather is great – everywhere! At Union, At Messner, at Berkner, at the South Pole – and at the Axel Heiberg Glacier! So why no flying out???

Well, one plane is stuck 800km away at Berkner Island and one Twin has to fly spares out there for repair. And as it is the long range Bassler that was hurt (and not the Twin as we said yesterday) it means it is ruled out of flying our team to the Ross Ice Shelf. That means 2 Twin Otters for our lot. But the fuel depots were not geared for that, so the second Twin has to do fuel flights today to ready everything for tomorrow. So, tomorrow it will be! We have no reason to believe otherwise… or do we????

Gjengen på Union Glacier

Nothing can hold this gang back – well, apart from planes… Union Glacier

Union runnway

The runway at Union Glacier International Airport. Busy place. very busy.

Helping out, chilling out, playing out at Union Glacier


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