Surprise Party

Published 26.08 in category X'Greenland 2012

Beutiful setting as the sledges are rigged and everybody is ready

Day 1, Friday 24th August 2012: They headed up into the ice with excitement. What would it bring? This summer has seem probably an unprecedented mega meltdown of the Greenland Ice. For once it has been signs (by satellite) that the snow and ice all over and even in the middle has melted. The melting on Greenland alone contribute some 0,8mm to the rising of the Ocean level – and this year maybe more.
But the first day was a big surprise as it was easy and the ice very kind! Actually the first leg was the easiest we have ever had, very smooth ice, very little melt water and streams and even signs of some snow which we very rarely see during the first kilometres. It was a whole more wild in 2005 and the turn of the century. – But the real test in tomorrow as they then move into the big crevasse area. It is impossible to say. We have no first had observations form this season, just scientific satellite interpretations of the situations. This is why it is always so interesting to go in for a fall crossing. (And after all, Nansen did his crossing during the fall…)
The day was blessed with nice, cold, dry weather with quite a bit of sunshine. They camped at: 65°40,1N 38°52,2W



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