Published 20.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013


Everybody are here in Tasiilaq now. We have started the preparation for the trip. Picked up cargo, unpacked and started the reorganization.

Its great to be back into expedition mode. The first notable thing is that you pay intention to the weather. Whats the temperature, how is the wind and are there visibility. Stuff that you barely think about back home. The forecast is a major part now, especially the strength of the wind and the direction. We don’t want the ice to clog up our way trough the sea route. But as always we have to take what comes. Our plan is to leave Tasiilaq on wednesday, but the weather is supposed to be quite windy then. My guess is that Thursday is more likely, but we will anyways be ready to leave on Wednesday.

Today we have started making breakfast, mixed together like Børges Northpole breakfast. We have divided the snack that will get us trough the days and we have checked the three tents that we will bring. We had a great dinner here at Hotel Amngmasalik and the group is now started to form as a team. Everybody helps in the preparation in any way they can. A big thanks goes to our local helper and trail angel, Hans Christian.
– Bengt

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