Telemark, Sunburnt and Polarbear tracks

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
Yesterday the dogs where resting while our Adventure Team was skiing around, telemarking  and exploring the area.



Hi this is Sigrid – I´m eating a lovely breakfast and talking on the Sat. Yesterday we had camp on the same place as the day before.  We used the day skiing around from the camp. Our Camp is on the biggest glacier on the Tasiilaq island, with a beautiful view. I guess I must have told you that yesterday as well… The weather was great trough out the day, and we got a bit sunburnt. Noting major. Before Lunch we did a couple of mountains, telemarking down. Then we had the birthday party for Pernille, which was celebrated with Pancakes and chocolate mousse.

After lunch we took skies on our feet again, and explored the area closer to shore. We even saw polar bear tracks that only was a couple of days old. Today we will start to mush home, weather is not as good as yesterday, but still good.

Our greetings goes to everybody back home, hope you are fine!

Sigrid and the team!

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