Ten metres

Published 22.11 in category Patagonia 2009

Camp 10/12, Thorleif reports: Well, we are still here. The wind has died down considerably, but still with total white-out and some snow. There are no chance to even contemplate trying the pass.
But, today we at least got some exercise. We have gotten a frightening 2 metres of snow and the tent was as good as buried. So at noon we all got out and started digging. It took us some 4 hours to clear the tent, and move it ten metres.
Now we are back on our backs. Here on the inside our living space has doubled, outside it is still light snow, and we just relax, have a good time and are eagerly awaiting tomorrow. Will we get the break?

So farit is the weather that hasheld all the aces

So farit is the weather that hasheld all the aces

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