Published 06.12 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Ice everywhere, but luckily the Brynje mesh wicks the moist away from the skin so the I’ve is in the outer layers.

Tuesday morning / Day 10: a very good day. Though, the wind keeps them on their toes. During the day the only conversation sounds like senile babbling as the wind makes a lot of noises in the hood, around jackets, ski-poles etc. So, lots of time to think – and concentrate yesterday. It only takes a millisecond to get a frostbite, so focus is everything.

In 14,5m/s, and the double that in °C, getting the tents up was a real challenge. The tent desperately wants to fly off to the other side of Antarctica, and with no trees and bushes to stop it, it was all hands on deck. But even this went very well! The distance was 24,5km I 7 stints and even that was better than planned for today. – Goof going!


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