Tentbound again…

Published 18.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018

Tent bound again.

Well, the storm that was predicted arrived! It was a beauty too. Winds over 30 metres per second peaking with gusts over 38 m/s…

The hard work we had put in digging down and building a wall paid dividends and we were well protected despite the elements. With only room for 2 tents it was a squash and with 4 of us squeezed in one tent like sardines there wasn’t much room.

Upside is that it was a great chance to sleep and rest bodies as we have some big days ahead.

Late afternoon the wind eased and we dug the camp and pulkas out. Quite a job, again… We set off early evening and the wind died completely. It was glorious.

We were excited to see DYE-2 in the distance for the first time.

Pitching camp in the late evening we were glad to be back on the move.


Happy 17’th of May to Norway!

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