The boot (camp day)

Published 21.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

As we were sleeping the snow kept snowing, and we woke oblivious to the excitement of the day.

We started out in the deep snow, and soon decided to do short intervals of 30 minutes. This while being the trailblazer in front is very taxing in the current conditions, with a white out in addition to the heavy snow. Despite this we made good progress and were very hopeful for the distance we might cover.

But… that was before we renamed Peter AKA mr. Crumbs to mr. Boots. Let’s take you back a few days quoting Boss (now renamed Macgyver) speaking about the few challenges we’ve encountered along our journey: “… my biggest fear for what can go wrong in terms of gear is if someone brakes the pin of their boot”. Well sometimes we’ve got to face out fears, and today was such a day, thanks to Peters right boot.

After skiing for two hours, 106 kg of Peter (+Pedro, his pulka) was blazing ahead in the front when the pin attaching the shoe to the binding came loose. The pin probably got tired of the extra crumbs we’ve been feeding him. Not a good situation, as obviously there are no shoe shops close by. We pitched a tent and set up a little work shop. Sebastian who has a previous career as a carpenter got an opportunity to show his talent for shoemaking. With 4-5 different types of glue, melted rubber, sports tape, tent canvas, skin wax and a band aid we soon (2,5 hrs later) skied onward, and the boot past the test.

We had to deprive mr. Crumbs of some crumbs and the leading position, but rather that than pulling him in the pulka. On the bright side our professional logistician counted an abundance of 6 L excess fuel, and even though we are a little hungrier than usual, we can afford heating the tents for the next few days. The snow kept snowing through the afternoon, and do to some tiredness and pains we pitched camp early and had a restful evening with glue/boot enhancements and more deheptanising of food.

We still have a ways to go but we’ve found a good method for moving forward in the best way for the team as a whole, and we are confident we will make it to Isotorq this coming week.

All in all we’re doing well!

Cheers from Kristin and the bearded brothers 🙂

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