Final days: crevasses, Northern lights and final day !

Published 14.05 in category Hardangervidda 2019

Crevasses: Today we went over a big crevasse field, and we covered some really good distance in a area where it’s usually pretty hard! We had a good day on the ice, almost 30km 👍 Rune & Team 😊 (

The Northern Light: We had an amazing day on the ice, we covered good distance and the trail was amazing! We battled our way over the bumpy terrain and crossing many big rivers that was frozen in. They are huge, we helped one by one and carried the pulkas over. We finally camped in a area where we manage to find good snow for melting to water. It’s a perfect night, so we decided to sleep outside under the northern light. And that was just amazing! The whole sky was covered in magic colors. Perfect! Rune & Team

Congratulations to the team, we made it!!!!!!! ✌️✌️ We woke up outside, but we quickly crawled into our tents and got the stove going for breakfast. Today is the final day, the day we all have been waiting for! We started the day on skis, but it didn’t last long before we took them off, crampons also got tested pretty quickly! Lets just say the team had a ruff day batteling trough the final stages of the ice fall! Everything from rivers to big canyons of mazes that we pushed our way trough the whole day. It has been an intense battle, but Greenland is now crossed! 😊 We made it down around 4pm, and then we had to carry our pulkas off the ice and up a small hill 😊 Rune out! 😂

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