the great glacier

Published 20.05 in category Alaska. Ice Legacy project

Getting closer to great glacier!
Again great conditions here in Stikine with a beautiful weather.  On the way we could have seen an optional exit point called Patterson in case we could not go out either in Le Conte or Great glacier. We kept in mind to exit in great glacier because it is the Southern most ice of Stikine. So we have skied for 12 hours and about 30 km. We really wanted to set camp near by our next challenge for the next day, the technical descent towards great glacier going down from 1900-1600m almost back to sea level. Steep mountains!!


First attempt aborted to reach Great Glacier.
Woke up at 03.00 this morning in order to have colder conditions. It means hard snow, less avalanches and risk of ice falls reduced. So we speeded up our way hoping to reach the start point of our way down. We got there at 06.30. Once upon there, we decided not to attempt the descent at this place. Too dangerous! So we turned back. However, we have seen a possible way down in the far distance. We took a chance to go there and have a look. Finally we arrived at 16.00 on the top of the col leading to the potential route. We scouted it and it looked good. We will try it tomorrow. Wake up 03.00. Good night.

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