The last long haul

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DAY 21.
The last long-haul.
38.00 kms in fantastic weather and pretty good snow conditions. What a team of skiers and navigators!!!
When you all read this it is the 17 May back in Norway. Our constitution day! Congratulations to all Norwegians. May the day come with warmth, sunshine and lots of icecream to everyone!
We will also throw a little pancake celebration for ourselves, but not before after our seven hours of skiing.
We still have some 87 Kms to go, so there is not much time for laziness before we touch ground at sea level.
yesterday we got a message from the school in Isortoq, which we are doing some charity for. They wrote that they where excited to meet us. And that the gifts we have sent from Norway has safely arrived.
I hope that Anne at the school can inform the children about our arrival. We will be in Isortoq between 12.00-13.00 on Friday 20th, and looking forward to see you all again 🙂
I would like to send some hugs and kisses to my two children Oline and Hjalmar. I love you more than the language can describe! And I hope those around you can take a lot of pictures and video of you on the 17th of May, so dad can see how fine you both were on the 17th of May. 3 times Hurray for Norway! Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!
AAFI- Expedition By Are Johansen

OUR POSITION, and some more photos taken before the start…

IMG_3218 IMG_3221 IMG_3220

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