The Miracle

Published 16.11 in category Patagonia 2011


Tuesday morning: The guys left this morning under heavy clouds, but in dry conditions and acceptable visibility. The descent down the icefall went well, and they were soon onto the plain a few hundred meters below camp. It seems to be a lot, and good snow this year, so very few crevasses posed any problems.

A few stints later there were suddenly a  bit brighter and then Truls cried out load: ‘LOOOOOOOOOOK!!!! Mountain!!!!!’ And out of the fog emerged this fairy tail like formation, the formidable Cerro San Valentin (13.314ft)! Within minutes the gloomy fog lifted and revealed a cloudless sky.

The normally oh-so down-to-earth Bengt was completely lost for sensible word reporting in through the satellite telephone: Just – I mean, unbelievable, well, it all suddenly, it can’t be described – –  it is the most fantastic moment and experience in nature I have ever experienced. Wow! That coming from the super seasoned Bengt is nothing short of – eh – strong…

Anyway, if this isn’t Patagonia for YOU, you’re on the wrong blog. If it is, sign up for next year.

They skied on in utter bliss and happiness and did some 20km. If all goes well, and the weather holds out they recon on being on solid ground again the day after tomorrow. Then the rainforest awaits them!

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