The North Pole!

Published 20.04 in category North Pole 2005

Now we are here, the trip is over and everyone can call themselves Polar Travelers!

It has been a long, tough day with headwinds and ice drifting towards the south.

The surrounding landscape on the last day was bewitching with lots of old ice and grand ice sculptures rising from the surface.

A 10 cm crack opened up in the ice under our tent overnight. Nobody heard anything due to the loud snoring noises coming from Petter Spiten! Cracks like this usually make quite a loud noise when they open up.

Now we are celebrating with cake and warm drinks.

Today Jo Gambi can celebrate being the first woman who has climbed all seven summits and has also been to both the South and North poles! Congratulations.

Congratulations also to the rest of the group, we have all worked hard as a strong team and, therefore, we are standing here today.

We will be here on the North Pole for two days waiting for transport. Most of us have light frost injuries and sore fingertips needing some rest.

Tomorrow we expect the arrival of the diving team who will be attempting to set a new record diving under the ice.

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