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Published 30.11 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Climbing hard / Det var den dagen get var så brat


Thuesday morning/ day 3: Yesterday was a stunner of a day. They moved 8,4km into an icefall that took their breath away. Enormous crevasses decorated the area as they were happy to take a big bite out of this wild area.

Not only did they negotiate lots and very big crevasses, they moved from about 1000m up to 1560m! Jacob, Ottar and Trond did a superhuman effort in deepening and heavy snow as they took turn in breaking a trail.

Rory and Teo are the entertainers in the group. Teo, the youngest, is teaching Rory the eldest how to count in Norwegian. For this favour Rory has to carry Toe’s trash and do the cooking! – Somehow we feel we have not heard the last from those two…

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