The team

I have during my many years of exploring around the world and in Norway met lots of very capable, interesting and strong people with the right attitude; both when it comes to reaching the goal and towards teammates.

I have never looked for someone with exactly the same skills as me. That will not take us to the level we want to be at. Now when we gradually have developed more and more trips, I have been lucky enough to team up with several of these individuals that I admire and like as teammates. Together I truly believe we are a very ambitious group who wants to continue to strive for safety, accuracy and fun. All of us love to explore, but most of all we want to pass on our knowledge of winter living and share this beautiful polar world with others.

Get to know these guys, we can take you everywhere!

Polar greetings, Børge Ousland.


Bengt Rotmo

(born 1973) is a Norwegian polar guide, dog musher, journalist and adventurer. He lives in Verdal with his wife and three children.

Expedition CV. :

2016: North Pole Last Degree, unassisted. Finnmark crossing. Another unsupported Greenland crossing in May, and at this moment (August 2016) following the Old Nansen route from the East Coast  towards Nuuk on yet another Greenland crossing….

2015: Guide on Greenland icecap crossing, Spring unsupported, ski(550km), North Pole Last degree, unassisted, Norwegian Polar Institute N-ICE Guide and fieldworker, Guide on unsupported Greenland Fall crossing, Patagonia Northern Icefield crossing unsupported, Finnmark, etc…

2014: Guide North Pole last degree. Guide North Pole all the way (from the Pole towards Ellesmere island, Canada). Greenland East to West, Fall crossing. Patagonia Northern Icefield crossing unsupported, Finnmarksvidda crossing.

2013: Guide Greenland Icecap East to west (fall crossing) and West to East (spring crossing). Guide in crossing of Patagonia Northern Icecap. Guide Finnmarksvidda plateau, Norway.

2012 – Guide, North Pole, Last Degree. 2012 – Femunden, Dogsled race (400km). 2011 – Guide, South Pole, Last Degree. 2011 – Guide, Northern Patagonia Ice field. 2011 – Guide, North Pole, Last Degree. 2011 – Guide: Across Finnmark plateau. 2011 – Gausdal Marathon, Dogsled Race, (200km). 2010 – Trekking, Torres del Pain, Chile / Patagonia. 2010 – Skaunakjolen, Dogsled Race, (140km). 2009 – Skiing across the Northern Patagonian Ice field. 2009 – Guide: Skiing Northwest Passage, Cambridge Bay -Gjoa haven – Canada / Nunavut. 2008 – Guide: Across the Greenland icecap, unsupported, ski (600km). 2008 – Guide: Hardanger plateau. 2007 – Guide: South Pole all the way, unsupported, ski (1120km). 2007 – Guide: Across Finnmark plateau. 2006 – Guide: Across the Greenland icecap. 2005 – Guide: Across the Greenland icecap. 2003 – Skiing across the Northwest Passage/Canada (2500km) – Canada / Nunavut. 2002 – Canoeing exp, Birch Creek, Alaska(250km). 2002 – Across Finnmark plateau. 2001 – Skiing across Alaska (1900km). 2000 – Guide: Across Finnmark plateau. 2000 – Guide: hunting in the highland of Sweden. 2000 – Canoeing exp, Beaver Creek, Alaska (300km). 1999 – Historic Old Iditarod Trail, Alaska, summer (100km). 1999 – Guide help: Alaska peninsula, hunting, 1 month – USA / Alaska. 1998 – Guide help: Alaska Range, hunting, 3 months. 1998 – Across Finnmark plateau, unsupported, ski. 1996 – Chamonix, alpine skiing, peeks up to 4000moh, 14days – France. 1996 – Across Finnmark plateau, by ski. From 2000 to 2004 Bengt was regularly doing field-testing of expedition equipment, tents and sleeping bags with the Norwegian producer Helsport:


From 2000 to 2004 was regulary doing fieldtesting of expedition equipment, tents and sleepingbags with a norwegian producer:
From 2004 on testing outdoor equipment and regularly writing articles in Norwegian outdoor magazine Friluftsliv.


Advanced crevasse rescue techniques (2011)
Medic/First Aid (08)
First Aid (90,95,96,02,03,08,10,11,2015)
Ranger course (96)
Survivial course (95)

Bengt is a IPGA certified guide.

Thomas Ulrich

(born in 1967) is a Swiss professional photographer, cameraman, international mountain guide, polar explorer and adventurer. He lives in Switzerland and is father to three daughters. His career as an adventure-photographer started about 20 years ago. On assignment he climbed Cerro Torre in Patagonia, the Eiger-Northface and the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Tupilak in Greenland, El Cap in USA and he filmed on Mount Everest. He works for well known brands in the outdoor industry and his stunning photos are being published in major magazines worldwide. With his documentaries he has won several awards on international filmfestivals. As a mountaineer and adventurer Thomas Ulrich claimed several firsts: his team made the first ever winter ascent of the West Face of Cerro Torre and together with Norwegian Børge Ousland he made the first successful traverse of the Southern Patagonian Icecap. With the same partner he was first to follow the historic tracks of Fridtjof Nansens Franz Josef Land expedition with a ‘1400 km-walk-in’ from the North Pole. For this accomplishment they were awarded ‘Adventurer of the Year’ by National Geograpic Adventure Magazine. Every year since 2006, Thomas Ulrich has been guiding polar expeditions to the Northpole.

Petter Lindén Nyquist

(born 1978) is Norwegian mountain climber, polar explorer film and photographer, educated in graphic design. Lives outside Oslo with his family and is father to one child.

Expedition CV:  Working as photographer on various expeditions, Mount Everest 2012, for ITV doing the documentary “Prince Harry’s Mountain Heroes”. PUSH Expedition 2012, guide and photographer in Antarctica.  Spirit of Amundsen Expedition 2011, film-photographer, expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. North Pole 2011, guide, photographer and responsible for safety for BBC – Prince Harry’s Arctic Hero. 2010 Broad Peak, with Aleksander Gamme, turned back at 7800 m due to bad snow conditions. North Pole 2010, working as film photographer, Barneo Ice Station. Reaching Everest 2009 with Lars Oma Erichsrud. 2008 First summiting of P-6166 og P-6089 in Rolwaling valley in Himalaya. 2008/2009 South Pole expeditions. Guiding on Elbrus 2007. Guiding and film photographer to the North Pole in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2011. Climbing Damavand 2007. Climbing Mt. Kholeno 2007. Climbing Alam Kooh Peak 2007. Climbing Mt. Blanc 2006. Climbing Cho Oyo in 2006. Climbing Huano Potosi in 2004. Climbed Elbrus 2003. Climbing Rurrrenabaque in 2004. Crossing Greenland in 2001.

Lars Ebbesen

(born 1954), lives  in Oslo with wife and twins, has been a globetrotter, adventurer and Polar explorer all his life. Among his travels are: 15 months around Asia, nine tours to the Andes and Aconcagua (first time 1995), various trips and treks in South America and the Caribbean; 6 times on treks in the Himalayas both in Nepal and Tibet (first time 1984); 5 times on Kilimanjaro, up Mt Kenya (first time 1995) and several safari treks, eleven expeditions on the Greenland Inland Ice with sledge, dog mushing or ski-sail, First to ski Spitsbergen completely from north to south (1993), headed for the North Pole but fell in a lead and frostbit his toes, has kayaked in Eastern Greenland, on the Finnmark Plateau, and in Asia; twice sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, rafted the Grand Canyon, explored the Siberia and the Kola Peninsula in winter. He organized and joined Cato Zahl Pedersen and Odd Harald Hauge for an unsupported expedition from Berkner Island to the South Pole in 1994.

As a professional graphic designer, he has played a key role in the publication of numerous adventure / coffee table books on the Arctic, Antarctica, Kola Peninsula, Greenland, Mount Everest, – and for explorers like Børge Ousland, and Rune Gjeldnes and the Swedish North Pole Express.

Vincent Colliard

IMG_2585Born 1986 in France, is the youngest in our team of excellent guides, but with already considerable amount of experience. Here is a bit of what he has been doing:

2016: Again as part of the IceLegacy project, on Saint Elias glacier with Borge. May 2016

2015: Lead a small team across Hardangervidda. Together with Borge, and as part of the Ice Legacy project, crossed the Stykine glacier field in Alaska.

2014 crossed Spitsbergen from the North, down towards Von Post glacier. 2013 crossed Nordaustlandet on Svalbard with Børge. 2012 crossed Nordaustlandet on Svalbard with Børge (first crossing by skis ever). 2011 Crew onboard the sailing boat “La Licorne”, crossing the Atlantic South from Cabo Verde to Brazil. 2011 Crew onboard the sailing boat “Vagabond”, crossing the Atlantic North from France to Greenland with captain Eric Brossier. 2010 First circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean sailing on a 31 feet trimaran with Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleiffson. Summer-Winter 2009 deckhand on commercial fishing boats Alaska and Norway. 2008 -09 Climbing on a virgin summit, Khumbu, Nepal. Stop at 6100 meters.
2006 Solo trekking, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, 2006
1000 kilometres cycling, walking, kayaking.

Apart from this Vince has a Master’ s degree in management major in entrepreneurship at “Ecole Supérieur de Commerce” of Pau (town in France). Wild First aid Responder certificate since in 2010. Vince speaks Spanish and English, in addition to French of course. Learning Norwegian… In his younger days Vince practiced boxing for competition and has worked as a professional surfer.

Sigrid Ekran

born 1980, is one of the world’s top dog mushers with a deep passion for dogs and the wilderness.

Mushing career:
Iditarod: 2007 (20th .place Rookie of the year, best women) 2008 (24th . place), 2012 (
Finnmarkslopet: 2009 (8th place) 2010 (6th place) 2011 (2. Pace) 2013 (5th place)
Femundlopet: 2009 (3rd place) 2010 (1st place, Norwegian Championship) 2011 (1st place World Championship) 2013 (4th place)
La Grand Oddyssee: 2009 (3rd place)
Kobuk 440: 2012 (3rd place)
Gausdal Maraton: 2010 (1th place) 2011 (
Hallingløpet: 2010 ( 2011 (1th place)

Many smaller races both in Norway and Alaska

Price for best dog care:
– Femundløpet 2011
– Finnmarkslopet 2011
– Kobuk 440 2012
– Finnmarkslopet 2013

2008: Ellesmere Island Expedition 60 days on the sea ice with dogteams.

I lived in Alaska from 2004-2008 and did many beautiful trips on skis, dogmushing, backpacking, paddling, fishing and hunting. I lived with the Inupiaq-people outside Kotzebue village on the north-west coast of Alaska, and by my self out in the “bush” .

2013: Crossing Greenland ice cap in the fall from east to west with Bengt Rotmo

2014: Greenland crossing supported by Dogsledge

2014: Crossing of Patagonia Northern Icefield with Bengt Rotmo and a small international team.


Bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from Høgskolen in Hedmark.
Masters degree in Northern Studies from University of Alaska Fairbanks UAF

Are Johansen

areborn 1975, is a hardened Arctic traveller. As an x-army and with extensive of wilderness experience he is a specialist in winter techniques and survival. Some of his merits here:

20 years with various trips in Norwegian mountains, woods and plains, including crossing Norway from east to West, and an ongoing project to cross Norway from South to North. Crossed Alaska on skis (1850km) in 2001. Crossed Greenland on skis (Fall) in 2013. Again crossed Greenland on skis as a guide on 2014, West to East, spring

December 2014-January 2015, guiding in Antarctica an unparalleled effort, from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, and back, in a bit over 70 days….

May 2016: at this moment on an unsupported crossing of Greenland.

Educating and interests: Are is educated as male nurse and has worked in closed psychiatric wards for 12 years. Yearly updates in advanced first aid courses since 2001. His interest are hunting, fishing and outdoor life.

Sigurd Schultz

(Born 1957) in Vesterålen. He has lived all his life north of the polar circle in Northern Norway. From a family of fisher/farmers he learned to work the sea, but choose to run up the mountains to explore for himself. Has been fishing and hunting small game over lots of Northern Norway. Early this millennium he rediscovered the open sea in a kayak, and went all the way. Left the work as a prison governor and advisor to the government, and are now a top level Norwegian certified coach and guide. His education as family therapist gives him the tools to grant groups the joy he sincerely want everyone to have. He is as well the chosen kayak coach to the Operational Headquarters of Norwegian Armed Forces.

He has been kayaking extensively in Norway, lots of Sweden and some in Denmark. In Wales and Angelsey’s challenging tidal currents. (up to double digit meters difference in high & low tide) he got his formal training in tide races through BCU. He has worked both the sea and mountains of Lofoten as a guide/coach from 2009 to 2012. After that he has run his own biz out of Steigen and Bodø. And in August 2016 he led an international kayak expedition on East-Greenland.The freedom and challenges under an open sky is what charges him.


Rune Krogh

Rune Krogh was born and raised in northern Norway (1986).

He lives near Svartisen with his family and 22 sled dogs. Education in welding technology and inspection led Rune to the offshore industry where he worked with climbing and inspection on various platforms. Rune is a certified specialist, and has the necessary expertise to perform all types of rope access techniques, and rescue action using ropes. He has guided several tours in Norway, and on Svartisen, and Svalbard. Rune has been at the North Pole, and in 2015 he crossed Norway from west to east with his one-year-old daughter. In addition to the passion for dogsledding, he guides kayak trips, mountaineering/climbing, glacier hikes trips. And he explores and guide the deep cave systems, witch are plentiful in this part of northern Norway.

He has as well participated as leader on the Finnmark crossing on 2016, training trips in Svalbards and in the Fall of 2016 he completed the Greenland crossing, going on East to West direction, such as Nansen did in 1888. 2 more Greenland crossings under his belt: Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019.

He leads our Svartisen glacier crossing trip yearly, cooperates on North Pole and Svalbard, and leads over Greenland!

In April 2018 he led our new trip in the Canada Arctic region, “across the Northwest passage”, an amazing 400 Km from Cambridge Bay to Gjoa Haven, much of it over sea Ice…

Rune is a IPGA certified Polar guide.

He has as well guiding across Norway for his own business, and has also lots of summitted mountains on his C.V. but we can’t fit it all here !