they don’t have much, and don’t claim much

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Day 28
Today we have done our charity-thing for the kids, and for the school in Isortoq, this small remote town sitting on an island in east-Greenland, with the Atlantic Ocean surrounding it on every side.
The scenery is floating icebergs, mountains and open water this time of year. The ground is peeking through the snow, welcoming the summer…
In this society, they don’t have much, and don’t claim much. Living in their simple three room houses, they are not owned by their possessions, and they have a lot of time for each other. And we can see the closeness and empathic living that are common in these small tribe-like communities. Nevertheless, it cannot be hidden either the problem alcohol provides this town with. Therefore it is with great pleasure we can give a little something to the children who have their lives and upbringing here, and to the school that gives them something a secure base in their everyday-life.
We went to meet the school teacher Anne from France, who obviously does a tremendous job with these children. She gathered all the children in the town in the school. Then we opened all the gifts and presents we had brought with us: Hats, buffs, mittens, socks, games, dental hygienic products, card games, jumping ropes, bracelet-makers, yatzee, Ludo, memo, laddergames, books, a table hockey game and other cool stuff for the children…
They were amazed and surprised. And so was Anne for the gifts that we gave to the school.
For us it was very satisfying to give these kids a little positive attention.
Of all expeditions coming through Isortoq, we are the first to do such thing, Anne told us.
And it gives us a good feeling to give a little something back to these fine children, and to see the smiles on their happy faces. That is a nice memory to leave Isortoq with.
Thanks to Lars Erik Evensen and the SPORT1-chain, Toten Transport, Yes Leker at Raufoss and all others that have contributed to make this charity come through.
The rest of the day we will be eating and packing and preparing for the flight to Tasiilaq 09:35 tomorrow morning.
Once there we will have a 3 day layover before our flights to Island and Norway. Of course, if the weather allows the helicopter to take off and land…
Stay tuned for updates…
An Apple for Isortoq-Expedition.


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